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Defining Vintage Jewellery

1920 and Beyond

Here we explain the meaning and definition of vintage, separate to antique and retro jewellery.

Vintage does not fetch as much money as an antique piece could, but that does not make it any less desirable or collectable. It can be such an interesting period, as from the 1940s onward there was a worldwide surge in mass manufacturing and this can be seen to have a direct effect on the types and quality of the jewellery produced at the time.

There are two rough definitions of vintage, and they are used interchangeably upon occasion (somewhat incorrectly). The first being that of anything that is second hand, or used before is regarded as vintage. This is not necessarily accurate. We prefer to stick to the strictest sense of the definition, which is anything that is aged but not necessarily of antique age. Therefore, vintage is defined as less than 100 years old, but not a modern or contemporary piece. This technically includes Retro jewellery under this aegis.

It’s important to note here, the differences between fine jewellery and costume jewellery. Regardless of age or vintage, fine jewellery will generally attract a larger price due to the nature of its makeup. That is, of course, materials such as gold, silver, diamond, real pearls and other precious gemstones. However, even vintage costume jewellery has its own charm and attraction.

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