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What Makes An Antique?

Learn how to identify an antique

What defines an Antique?

Antique jewellery pieces are highly desirable items made so by nostalgia and memory. Yet so many people are confused as to the true characterisation of antique jewellery. There are several definitions that people can become confused by. We hear the word vintage and confuse it with antique. Or retro versus contemporary and think we are buying a legitimate antique jewellery piece. The terms Antique, Vintage and Retro are often bandied about, without proper verification. Here at Gerard McCabe Jewellers, we have a strict process that verifies the legitimacy of a piece before we procure it for sale.

What Criteria Determines An Antique?

Some simple rules to follow when searching out antique jewellery are:

  •  It must be over 100 years old to be a confirmed antique.
  •  It is always safest to have the piece confirmed and valued by an expert valuer.
  • Always check for quality, condition and age. These are the marks of true value.

We are always on the hunt for beautiful antique and period jewellery. Not only is it highly collectable, but it is also valuable for sentimental reasons. It has a wide appeal because of its uniqueness and is special because no two pieces are alike. We endeavour to ensure that all antique and period jewellery that we sell has been maintained to a high standard.

Learn more about our antique standards here.