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Warranty information

Gerard McCabe Antique Jewellery

Jewellery Warranty

All pieces have had some wear over their lifetime and as such the warranty period for Gerard McCabe Antique jewellery is 6 months covering any unforeseen issues that may arise (excluding heavy wear, damage or misuse).

All antique and vintage jewellery is appraised by a qualified Gemologist and Valuer so you can rest assured that your item has been tested for authenticity. Each antique we source is researched, tested and appraised, and is procured from trusted suppliers. Every effort has been made to ensure that each piece has as much information available as possible.  Every antique and secondhand item purchased is supplied with a Jewellery Certificate.

Taking good care of your vintage and antique jewellery from Gerard McCabe will enhance its beauty and extend its lifespan. We encourage you to have your antique and vintage jewellery checked and cleaned by Gerard McCabe Jewellers every six months, to ensure that each piece is in good wearable condition with all gemstones in place. It’s not uncommon for stones in antique items to come loose over time, and it’s much easier to tighten a loose stone than replace a lost one.